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Four Semesters – September

Life as a high school student can be a challenge, but even more so when you’re supposed to be getting married in a couple of years.
Lauren needs to find herself a husband before the end of senior year. If she does not complete such a daunting task her dad will be forced to choose for her. Already in her junior year she only has Four Semesters left to decide whom she will spend the rest of her life with.
Lauren Edington is a loving, free spirited high school student who is deeply preoccupied due to the most important decision she must make in her life while everyone else is able to enjoy his or her last two years in high school. She wants to be free to like them too, but she is more determined to take advantage of the special opportunity to get to choose who she wants to marry instead of her dad, John, picking for her like he did for her 7 other siblings. When she does have a possible guy in mind her dad throws another one, Ryan, into the mix to be a tempting suitor. Confused and unsure about whom she should give a real chance to she struggles with her inner self to see what path to take.
Caden Costello is a popular, baseball player with a player reputation who hides his good heart from a lot of people. He has no huge aspirations as a student other than living every day to the fullest with whatever girl he can get. All that changes when Lauren enters his life and all he wants to do is be with her. Yet, things get increasingly complicated when Caden and Lauren are demanded to terminate their relationship. Angry and frustrated Caden helplessly watches as Lauren is forcibly torn away from his very grip, and thrown into Ryan’s arms.
Ryan ultimately earns the trust of Lauren’s dad, and seals the deal to have his daughter be his. The problem is he is not the fun, caring person, John remembered him as. If Caden isn’t able to save Lauren from Ryan her life will stay in danger, physically and emotionally. Lauren will as well have to overcome her overwhelming fear of Ryan’s controlling, abusive behavior, and Caden must fight for his life if he even wants the chance to save Lauren’s.
Four Semesters - September, a novel by Loray Alexa. Get it here.